Thursday, November 7, 2019

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New Quizzes from! Hi, everyone! While some of you might already be preparing for  the next quiz youll be taking at school, some of us over at have been having (way too much) fun trying to   make some. Dont worry, though- none of these quizzes will affect your grade. Have a look at the list below to see what weve added to our collection so far! 1. Take the  Shakespearean Deaths Quiz  to figure out which tragedy has the highest body count, where you can read about revenge in the form of unwitting cannibalism, and more!   Why, William why?! 2. If you take the   Authors and Animals Quiz, be prepared for more than beloved dogs and cats of various authors. There may or may not be a lobster involved. Oh, also a bear.   Fluffy? 3. At some point in your life, you might  have  encountered a book for which your hatred  now burns  with the fire of a thousand suns.  Well, you are not alone in your passionate distaste for certain literature. Take our  Author-on-author Insults Quiz  to learn about the scathing remarks authors have  made about other authors and their work. Lame! 4. Remember that bit about people sharing your hatred? Well, not everyone is just content to rant about it at the next book club meeting. Some books offend people so deeply that they  start throwing around the dreaded b-word- banned, that is. Our Banned Books Quiz  contains questions that highlight some of the silliest reasons for banning books, quotes from authors who disapprove of censorship, and other fun tidbits about the baddest books in the business. A warning to those with weak constitutions: one of the books in this quiz features two rabbits getting married.   Wont someone please think of the children? 5. Last but not least, theres a little something to brighten your day and give you a nice change of pace if you happened to have already taken the first and admittedly morbid quiz on this list. The  Love Quotes from Famous Authors Quiz  is sure to give you some warm, literary fuzzies.  What did Mark Twain have to say about matters of the heart? Who loved so deeply he longed for a new set of  words to express his devotion? Take the quiz to find out!   Daww.

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