Saturday, November 23, 2019

Spring Poems (Classic and Contemporary) Collection

Spring Poems (Classic and Contemporary) Collection Our anthology of poems celebrating spring begins with a selection of classics: Tu Fu,â€Å"A Spring View† (c. 750), translated by Witter Bynner Li Po,â€Å"Waking from Drunkenness on a Spring Day† (c. 750), translated by Arthur Waley William Shakespeare,â€Å"Spring,† song from Love’s Labors Lost (1598) Thomas Nashe,â€Å"Spring, the Sweet Spring,† from Summer’s Last Will and Testament (1600) William Shakespeare,Sonnet 98 - â€Å"From you have I been absent in the spring† (1609) John Webster,â€Å"Vanitas Vanitatum,† from The Devil’s Law Case (1623) Thomas Carew,â€Å"The Spring† (1640) Robert Herrick,â€Å"Corinna’s Going a-Maying† (1648) Matsuo Basho,â€Å"Spring Rain,† â€Å"Spring Air† and Four Haiku (c. 1680) William Blake,â€Å"To Spring† (1783) Robert Burns,â€Å"Composed in Spring† (1786) William Wordsworth,â€Å"Lines Written in Early Spring† (1798) Kobayashi Issa,â€Å"Three Spring Haiku† (1804, 1818) Samuel Taylor Coleridge,à ¢â‚¬Å"Work Without Hope† (1825) Christina Rossetti,â€Å"Spring Quiet† (1847) Walt Whitman,â€Å"These I, Singing in Spring† (1860) Emily Dickinson,â€Å"A Light exists in Spring† (#812) Emily Dickinson,â€Å"A little madness in the Spring† (#1333) A.E. Housman,â€Å"Loveliest of trees, the cherry now† (1896) Robert Frost,â€Å"A Prayer in Spring† (1915) Robert Frost,â€Å"Two Tramps in Mud Time† (1934) D.H.  Lawrence,â€Å"The Enkindled Spring† (1916) Amy Lowell,â€Å"Spring Day† (1916) Robert Louis Stevenson,â€Å"Spring Carol† (1918) Gerard Manley Hopkins,â€Å"Spring† (1918) John Clare,â€Å"Young Lambs† (1920) Carl Sandburg,â€Å"Three Spring Notations on Bipeds† (1920) e.e. cummings,â€Å"in Just-† (1920) William Carlos Williams,â€Å"March† (1921) Edna St. Vincent Millay,â€Å"Spring† (1921) A.E. Housman,â€Å"Spring Morning† (1922) To which we’ve added a selection of the new poems on spring themes we’ve received from contemporary poets around the world: Denis Dunn, â€Å" 6:13 march morning† Michael Graves, â€Å"Poem to Spring in a Time of Global Warming† Dorothea Grossman, â€Å"Spring† Ruth Hill, â€Å"Light Advancing Through Trees† and â€Å"Awe† Doug Holder, â€Å"Spring On School Street. Somerville, Mass.† Margaret James, â€Å"Sunday† and â€Å"March 18† Wayne Jarus, â€Å"The Flower Garden† Guy Kettelhack, â€Å"Dithyramb for Springtime† Christine Klocek-Lim, â€Å"First Crocus† Steve Meador, â€Å"The Morning After† Justine Nicholas, â€Å"Quinquagesima† and â€Å"Magnolia† Jack Peachum, â€Å"Virginia in Spring† and â€Å"Epiphany in Carolina† Don Rehling, â€Å"Mountains Melting† Lisa Shields, â€Å"Calling Card† and â€Å"Pinked† Larissa Shmailo, â€Å"Spring Vow† Ingrid Toth, â€Å"Spring 1946† Melissa Varnavas, â€Å"Ashley’s Garden† Bill Vartnaw, â€Å"Sprin g† Enjoy these poems of the season!

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