Saturday, August 10, 2019

Sociology SGY360 - Weekly answers (weeks 2 to 12), info ready and easy Essay

Sociology SGY360 - Weekly answers (weeks 2 to 12), info ready and easy to do - Essay Example cording to Beck and Beck-Gernsheim the daily life of parents is becoming instrumentalized as brining up a child is considered a science and every move of the parents even playing and cuddling are a part of learning. 2. Children are valued and loved and get a lot of affection from parents, however they create distress for parents as well, since usually children in a home increase economic pressure and, interfere with support between spouses and create marital tensions. 2. According to Loseke, the sociological perspective of domestic violence is less popular than the psychological view because the psychological view gives simple ideas to complicated situations. Also, according to Loseke psychological theories pertain only to people who are objects of extreme violence. Lastly, he believes that sociological theories are less popular than psychological theories because they do not challenge people to think of the relationship between violence and a social

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