Thursday, August 29, 2019

Letter to Friend Congratulating on Sucess Essay

It gives me great pleasure that you have topped the list of successful candidates in the Board Examination. It is all the more delightful to learn that you have secured distinction in all the subjects and in Mathematics you have secured 99% marks. Your grand success is a matter of pride for your family, friends, teachers and our school as well. It is, in fact, the result of your hard work and dedication, sacrifice and concentration. You have been very consistent all along your studies. You never ignored your studies. It has paid well now. Indeed, it is a moment of celebration particularly for your parents who have been very careful for all your needs and comforts. This success has opened up the door to various opportunities for your career. You can get admission in any of the good colleges in India. A bright future awaits you. Your bright success has secured your career. Again my heartiest congratulations on the happy occasion I am confident you will maintain this performance in future. Keep upthespiritand be careful to your health and performance. We will met soon to have a treat. With lots of good wishes for a bright future. Yours sincerely, Rishika My Dear Pramod, I am glad to see your result in today’s Rakasthan Patrika. Your outstanding performance in the RAS examination has secured you a good rank. I conveyed this happy news to my father who was sitting beside me. He too was overjoyed. I thank god for his kindness and wish you a bright future. You have been intelligent and diligent in your school and college days. Certainly, your success is due to god’s grace as well as your hard work and timely guidance of your respected parents. Keep it up! You will be of great asset to your family and more over to this nation. Please guide your sister also to overcome her IAS examinations which are due in November. Please convey my respectful compliments to your parents. Again, congratulations to you! Yours sincerely, Raj Kumar

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