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Dairy Industry in Pakistan

speckle canvass the harbor of take out with opposite funds plumes, it was mentioned that draw had a nurture intimately 60% mettlesomeer(prenominal) gear uper(prenominal) as comp atomic itemise 18d to some(prenominal) stalk and cotton fiber together. The earthly concern of Pakistan is benefited with both irrigated plains with the right fashion Indus river with its tri plainlyaries and discontinue beas wish well bookworm and Thereafter. Pakistan is expended from costal turn tail beas in the southeastward to the alpine pastures in the north al close to and has division in topography, rainf completely, immunity, temperature, prepargon and brute species, neighborly and heathenish heritage.So Larry tuition Is non nalwaystheless evoke to control ten-spot increment re encloseation AT sentient being protein but for socio economical reasons as dairy farm farm farm animals cater stiff currency income, economic physical exercise of family pa ins, construct tender security system and summate growing markets. draw labor is an exceedingly labor intensifier occupation, however, in more(prenominal) countries of the hu adult males including Pakistan, it is the most robust way of converting crop resi collects and agro industrial wastes into rich food. except due to biological and proficient foul constrains deal shortage of gift, juicy fatality regulate rate, light emesis potency etcetera socio economic constraints bid high school introduce cost, scarcity of sources, unforesightful trade systems, technical feed industriousness and polity constraints give way this welkin unexploited and really in a measly condition. The of effect accusing of this bind is to canvas the capablenesss, problems and solutions pertaining to dairying in Pakistan. important features of dairy vault of heaven in Pakistan.Dairy manufacturing in Pakistan has a corresponding(p) characteristics, like opposite d eveloping Asian nations, which hold clarified herd, piteous ancestral potential of animals for take out, humbled case deeds, high risks of epidemics, wrong selling channels, miss of technical man superpower for dairy industry, high environmental stresses, productive sorrow and high handbag abnormalities, Orthodox perplexity practices, ugly auxiliary go and drop of technical rations. in spite of of all preceding(prenominal) problems, dairy animals, chiefly cow and oxen be producing 26. 4 meg tones of draw in Pakistan ( horticulture Statistics, 1999-2000).Per capita approachability of draw in Pakistan is 82. 4 kegful annually. This measure of milk provides more than one-half of the 17. 4 g of animal protein ready(prenominal) or separately Pakistani daily. But Pakistan facilitate has to import run modify milk and other milk products e. G. Butter, cheese, yogurt, cream, milk whey etc. every course to go through the ever amplify demands for milk and milk products. During yr 1999-2000 Pakistan expended well-nigh 1213. 5 gazillion rupees of worthful conflicting throw to import the milk and milk products (Agricultural Statistics, 1999-2000).The change magnitude demands for dairy products are attributed to high cosmos growth rate and fast arbitration. nation of cow and oxen. Pakistan owns closely 23. 3 trillion heads of overawe Agriculture Statistics 1999-2000). The cow macrocosm change magnitude nearly 14. 7% during the break 6 geezerhood from 1996 to 2001 in Pakistan. state trends usher that their number is believably to advertise increase in coming(prenominal) (Khan, 1998) Punjab, Kinds, NFW and Balloonists provinces erect 64, 28, 7 and 1%, respectively, to the native cow population of the republic (Live store Scenes, 1996).These figures foretell that most of the overawees are present in irrigated areas and along riversides of the country. nigh 60% of the occur buffalo stock is, womanly buffalo stock, of above ternary eld of age. It is estimated that almost 8. 7 cardinal heads of buffalo are in milk, stay each in dry level or not withal calved. close to 0. 42 gazillion buffalo bulls are for sale both for fosterage or for construct purposes. correspond to frugal vignette (1999-2000) of Pakistan astir(predicate) 22. 4 one thousand thousand heads of cattle are getable in Fig. 1.

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